Angel - Magnetic Silk Lash Kit

Angel - Magnetic Eyelash kit  100% Cruelty-free & Vegan
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Angel - Magnetic Eyelash Kit 

Magnetic lashes 

Our breathtakingly beautiful Magnetic Lashes with design will give you the most stunning eyelashes!

Individual or Extension lashes take the fun out of applying lash strips that are easy peasy to apply with our Magnetic collection of lashes that every Lady and girl should enjoy.  All you need for stunning eyes without any hassle are our magnetic lashes with our special formula liner that apply so easy.  Therefore there is no need for a lash lift kit. 

You Will Receive 

100% Cruelty-free & Vegan

-1 x Magnetic Premier Fibre Silk Eyelashes 

- 1 x Rose Gold Tweezers

- 1 x Magnetic Lash Adhesive 

- 30+ Wears 

- Kinder On Your Eyes 

- Easy to Apply in Under 2 Minutes

- Wind and Waterproof 

- Powered by 5 Mini Magnets on the Lash Band 

- Easy Use Clicks Straight into place 

- Easy Removal 

Angel The best Magnetic Strip Lashes out there, don't take our word for it.  The magnetic adhesive is super easy to use.  Our magnetic strip kit has everything you need to get you started.



Shortest 7mm 

Longest 13mm



Magnetic Adhesive 

Our lash adhesive formula is designed to keep your lashes in place with an easy application from morning to night.

All the above packaged in the Lily-Rose gift box (as pictured)


*Due to Health & Safety Regulations We cannot except returns on strip Lashes*

*Our Team check each package before leaving us*  




Your day is over, or your special event has come to an end, now it’s time to properly remove your lashes so they can live to see another day of beauty.


When done wearing the lashes, gently remove them by lifting the band of the lash off of the skin at the inner corner of the eye, then using our cleaning oil  gently remove the remainder of the lash. Never pull on the lashes to remove, always use the band and cleansing oil.


Repeat for the other eye.


Store your lashes in our Lily-Rose box or our Dimante tube that the lashes came in, to keep in pristine condition safe from dust.



Store your lashes in the  box or Dimante tube they arrived in to keep them clean, dry and protected from getting harmed, perfect for travelling for a night out or for your travels.


If your lashes have build up on them, DO NOT GET THEM WET, this will ruin them. To clean off any build up gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara  wand, You may also carefully remove leftover glue on the band of the lash with tweezers.

 Please NEVER get your lashes wet.


When properly cared for you Lily-Rose Lashes are reusable around 20-30 times

Magnetic Lashes are re-usable around 60 times with care.

TIP: To increase the longevity and maintain the original style of your Lily-Rose Lashes even further, do not apply mascara directly on them. Instead, apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Lily-Rose Lashes.


For the perfect, natural look. The inner corner of your falsies should line up with the start of your natural lashes for a fully blended look.



Measure by holding your lashes up to your eye and see how they fit with your natural lash line. Top tip - using a lash applicator can make this easier! Once you have matched up the inner corner of the false lash with the start of your natural lashes, it's time to trim the excess on the outer edge.


Now you have measured your lashes you can trim away any excess from the outer edge. Remember, trim as close to the next magnet on the lash band as possible for the most secure hold.


Once you have applied your magnetic liner and allowed it to fully dry, ( 2 to 3 Minutes Depending On The Weather) you are ready to apply your trimmed lashes. You can use a lash applicator to help control your application and get as close to the lash line as possible. Trust us, you'll get the perfect look. Shop applicator HERE

Wow! Amazing lashes, easy to put on and look amazing!

Natasha Good

Beautiful lashes at such an affordable price

Sarah Jane

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